• Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GTC has been honoured with the CEE Quality Awards Real Estate Lifetime Achievement prize

• Eli Alroy has been commended for his activities in the CEE region

• Eli Alroy has been leading GTC since 1995

Eli Alroy, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Globe Trade Centre S.A. (GTC) has been honoured with the CEE Quality Awards Real Estate Lifetime Achievement prize. The award presentation ceremony will be held on 3rd March 2010, during the CEEQA Gala at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

Eli Alroy has been honoured with the CEEQA Real Estate Lifetime Achievement award for his commitment to the advancement of the developer industry in Central and Eastern Europe. The jury of the contest, comprising of esteemed real estate and finance specialists, commended the Chairman of GTC’s Supervisory Board for his exceptional experience, vision and ability to lead a team of professionals who contributed to the progress that GTC has made.

„It is a great honour to be appreciated by the profession, for activities which I find to be a great pleasure to perform. Conducting operations on CEE markets is a demanding job but also a very rewarding one. I am glad that GTC can contribute to the changes and development that takes place in this part of Europe” – said Eli Alroy when notified of the jury’s verdict.

CEE Real Estate Quality Awards, granted by the CEE Insight Forum, are one of the most prestigious distinctions of the industry in Europe. This year the award will be granted for the seventh time. CEEQA Lifetime Achievement is the only award who’s laureate is proclaimed before the gala.

Eli Alroy – activities

Eli Alroy has a many years’ experience in managing real estate developer companies. He was one of the pioneers of Poland’s modern real estate industry. His ties with GTC go back to the mid 1990s. Under Eli Alroy’s command, the company has erected a modern office complex which at that time could be considered truly innovative in Poland – Mokotów Business Park in Warsaw. When in 2006 the complex has been sold for $ 287 mil., it was the largest investment of that kind in Central and Eastern Europe, with its 9 buildings providing jointly 107,000 sq m of area. Moreover, Mokotów Business Park has set a new trend for the revitalization of post-industrial urban areas in Poland.

During the following years of Eli Alroy’s command in the company, GTC has grown to become an international corporation and one of the leading and most high-profile developer companies in East-Central Europe. Currently, they are managing over 130 projects in 10 countries of the region: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine.

Eli Alroy’s management skills and long-term business strategies helped GTC to become one of the leading trend setters of the real estate market in Poland. In 2004, the Company has become the first developer company to enter the Warsaw Stock Exchange. GTC’s shares are listed on the prestigious WIG20 index. The company’s assets are also included in the international MSCI indexes, as well as the GPR250 index which comprises the 250 biggest and most liquid real estate companies of the world. Among GTC’s shareholders are many of the biggest Polish and international institutional investors.

In all of its countries of operation, GTC is widely respected for the highest quality of its office, commercial and residential projects.

In addition to Mokotów Business Park, the company has executed many significant and recognizable office projects, some of the examples being: three buildings of the Platinium Business Park and the Nefryt and Topaz office blocks in Warsaw, GTC office Center in Krakow, Avenue Center in Zagreb, CenterPoint and Spiral in Budapest, GTC House in Belgrade or CityGate in Bucharest.

GTC is also a major player on the commercial space market. Galeria Mokotów (63,500 sq m) was the first modern shopping centre in Poland. In the following years it was joined by Galeria Kazimierz in Krakow, Galeria Jurajska in Czestochowa, as well as by other retail and entertainment centres erected outside of Poland – Avenue Mall in Zagreb and shopping centres in three medium-sized cities in Romania.

Under Eli Alroy’s command, GTC skilfully endured the real estate market crisis between 2001 and 2003.

The assets and factors that allowed GTC to face and endure the latest economic crisis are: its team of dedicated specialists who appreciate and understand the requirements of modern real estate markets, its size, sector-wise and geographical diversification of operations, as well as vast financial reserves and a safe level of debt.

Eli Alroy was honoured with numerous, prestigious awards of the industry, with the CEE Real Estate Industry Professional of the Year award granted to him in 2007.

GLOBE TRADE CENTRE S.A. (GTC S.A.) is one of the leading developers in the New Europe and was established in 1994 in Warsaw. Currently it operates in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine.

GTC develops projects and manages completed properties in three key sectors of real estate: office buildings and parks, retail and entertainment centers and residential sector.

GTC has developed about 700 000 sq m of net space and currently is the owner of completed commercial property with a combined net area of about 412 000 sq m. GTC also holds an impressive portfolio of investment at various stages of development which will facilitate the construction of 1.9 million of commercial and residential space.

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