GTC equips its buildings with automated external defibrillators

Globe Trade Centre S.A. (GTC), developer and commercial real estate manager, equipped all its office buildings with automated external defibrillators. The initiative has been approved by the project “Put your heart into saving – Map of AED in Poland”.
Automated external defibrillator (AED) is a computer-controlled automatic device used in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. After the person performing first aid attaches self-adhesive electrodes to the skin on the patient’s chest, the defibrillator on its own detects an ineffective heart rhythm and informs on the need of defibrillation. After receiving the required command, AED applies electrical therapy, which re-establishes heart’s effective rhythm.


In order to propagate the Public Access Defibrillation program, GTC has decided to join the group of still too-insignificant in number Polish companies and institutions that equipped their buildings with AED. The programme advocates placing AED’s in private and public locations, which increases the effectiveness of first aid and, in broader perspective, public safety in general. Beyond equipping GTC’s objects with AED, GTC also ensured that tenants’ employees are adequately trained in the use of the devices, so that not only the best equipment but also persons with the proper knowledge are provided.


„Use of AED almost triples the survival rate in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Equipping GTC’s buildings with AED and the staff training program are much needed and worthy of following initiatives. We would like to see more such places in Poland.” – said Wojciech Rychlik, M.D., coordinator of the project “Put your heart into saving – Map of AED in Poland” (“Ratuj z sercem – Mapa AED w Polsce”).


„It is extremely important for our company that every person working or just relaxing in office buildings built and managed by GTC feels secure. I believe that this is not only a privilege, but also a right of every employee. Let us not forget that using AED is simple enough for any person to take it down from a wall and rescue a person’s life by following the instructions given by the device.” – said Adam Krupa, GTC’s Director of Administration.


Automated external defibrillators are ready to provide first aid.
The GTC Group, established in 1994, is a developer and commercial real estate manager in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. The Group operates in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
GTC develops and actively manages real estate portfolio in two sectors of the market: office buildings and retail centres. Since its establishment, the Group has developed 43 office buildings and 12 shopping malls with a total net space amounting to more than 1 million sq m.  GTC currently manages 27 commercial real estate projects with a total commercial space of over 584,000 sq m.
GTC S.A. is listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange on WIG30 index. The company’s shares are also included in the international indexes: Dow Jones STOXX Eastern Europe 300 index, GPR 250, which comprises the 250 largest and most liquid real estate companies of the world and the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Emerging Index.