Office transaction of the year: GTC Pillar to house ExxonMobil

  • The GTC Pillar is A-class office building just off the popular Váci Office Corridor in Budapest that will comprise 29,000 sq. m of lettable space.
  • The facility is nearly 95% leased, while still under construction, which is a remarkable result on the Hungarian market.
  • The GTC Pillar office building is due for deployment in early Q1 2022.

GTC and ExxonMobil’s Global Business Services Center have signed a lease contract, agreeing to occupy the entire GTC Pillar Office building in Budapest, which is currently under construction and due for delivery early Q1 2022. This is the largest deal in an office building under construction in the history of Hungarian office transactions.

The new Pillar building will stand for high quality, sustainable technologies and high-precision project management when completed, perfectly fitting into GTC portfolio. ExxonMobil, being the sole tenant to occupy the building in the future, was involved in both the design and construction phases. Regular consultations between the parties ensure that Pillar is tailored to the tenant’s needs, ranging from environmentally conscious green solutions to electric vehicle charging facilities, restaurants, planned in-house day care facilities for children, and other recreation services. As the project is still in the construction phase, the deal proves GTC’s ability to consistently and reliably deliver high quality in a way that meets the most diverse needs of its customers to the maximum extent possible.

Pillar will not only be an office building developed by the latest technology but also a place where people working for ExxonMobil will enjoy the time spent within the office, common areas, garden, restaurant, coffee shop and the gym. I am so happy I can be part of this amazing project with ExxonMobil. Signing the lease agreement is only a mid-station of the GTC ExxonMobil journey, that started 17 years ago”, says Bori Gedai, Deputy Country Manager of GTC Hungary.

The lease agreement with GTC for a new Pillar building became a continuation of ExxonMobil’s 15-year anniversary celebration. ”With Pillar we will provide a modern, state of art work environment for our employees, encouraging collaboration and innovation from where we will be Powering ExxonMobil’s Global Business. I am looking forward to the next steps of this exciting project and continued great collaboration between the GTC, CBRE and ExxonMobil teams”, says Romke Noordhuis, Managing Director of ExxonMobil GBC Hungary.
Pillar is a 29,000 sq. m landmark office development set within the heart of Budapest, just off the popular Váci Office Corridor. Behind the pillars of commercial enterprise this high-class complex provides a garden of tranquility for all. With LEED gold pre-certification, Pillar sets a new standard for the modern office space.

GTC puts special emphasis on facilitating the emergence of new communities on its developments. Building along these principles in design, simple buildings turn into spaces where health and productivity are priorities and the community inhabiting the space plays an outstanding role. One of the Pillar features to underline this effort is the portico of the high-class complex leading to an oasis inside the building, designed by award-winning architects ZDA-Zoboki Építésziroda Kft.

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