Concern for the long-term well-being of all our stakeholders, both in terms of social and environmental aspects, has become one of the vital elements of our strategy

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For us at GTC – a responsible investor and asset manager – environmental and social issues have been at the heart of all our activities for years.

Green Eurobonds

For GTC, 2021 was a milestone year as it was when we issued our Green Eurobonds, which allowed us to refinance secured loans and deliver green projects.  The benchmark 500 million euro bond issue was possible due to obtaining positive assessment of reputable rating agencies, which appreciated the company’s performance and prospects, commitment to sustainable development, and environmentally friendly business conduct.

Environmental impact

We have also improved our business to meet demanding ESG goals. All our Polish and Romanian office properties are currently powered by green energy, and local offices are also involved in environmental activities.

Last year marked our great success with all our properties in Poland obtaining green certificates. The highlights of 2021 also include a LEED certification of Advance Business Center I office building in Bulgaria and Cascade in Romania with the Gold certificate, as well as the completion of the certification process for Advance Business Center II, also with Gold LEED. In total, we obtained and renewed green certificates for 18 buildings in 2021 and for another twelve, early in 2022. We are proud to announce that currently 88% of all GTC office buildings hold such a certificate, and the remaining buildings are currently undergoing certification.

Social impact

In 2021, we continued our support by providing space in our shopping centers for social and charitable activities. Moreover, in 2021, we started cooperation with the Virtuosa Foundation, which helps to improve medical facilities for children with cardiological diseases.

Our social commitments result from the ESG Policy and focus on the well-being of our employees, tenants, and communities. We want to be a good employer, a reliable and trusted partner who engages in local problems and responds to challenges consistent with our approach.

We are fully aware of the importance of the ESG issues for our Group and our investors, and that is why GTC is committed to continuing its engagement in the development of environmentally friendly solutions and care for relations with its key stakeholders.

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