Concern for the long-term well-being of all our stakeholders,both in terms of social and environmental aspects, has become one of the vital elements of our strategy

We take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously. Each investment we plan, both office or retail, is guided by the principles of sustainable development. We take active part in a number of non-profit activities, either as a partner, organizer or sponsor. We support initiatives such as registration of new bone marrow donors, aid actions for orphanages and conduct activities aimed at improving the quality of citizens’ life – e.g.through the development of local infrastructure, also in the areas that do not come close to our core business lines. One example is the design of the Town Square for the residents of Wilanów, so that it became the meeting point for the local community.

People are at the heart of success of our Group. At GTC we constantly develop and implement best – and often innovative –practices in business management and improvements in quality of work.

Concern for the long-term well-being of all our stakeholders,both in terms of social and environmental aspects, has become one of the vital elements of our strategy. This approach is reflected in the internal and external activities that we execute in accordance with the guidelines set by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). They apply to our co-operation with local communities, job creation,improvement of the infrastructure of cities and neighborhoods.

Any investment, either office of retail, is the beginning of changes in its environment. GTC’s meticulously planned projects always contribute to improving the quality of local urban transport and stimulate local economy, in particular small and medium-sized manufacturing and service companies. In this way, our Group adds value for stakeholders, especially the local community.

With a view to blend in flawlessly with the local community and environment of the investments, we do not forget about the analysis of key parameters, which is carried out before the start of each project. The factors we study include, but are not limited to,:

  • security and safety,
  • traffic levels,
  • noise levels,
  • energy consumption,
  • specific local conditions, such as groundwater table level, etc.

As a company with over twenty years of experience, we know that care for the natural environment and surroundings of our investments is a crucial condition for the success and popularity of our buildings with tenants, which include organizations that hold ecology in high regard and require GTC to adhere to the best world standards. Therefore, we care not only for our buildings to have a positive impact on the ecosystem, but we do much more than necessary to prove that building green is not just a slogan.

We are aware that well-planned and designed development projects do not preclude care for the environment. They can also contribute to its betterment through the use of locally produced raw materials, or a sustainable use of resources during the construction phase.

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