Modern office space is not only a steel and glass structure, cold and devoid of emotions. Until the end of this year, the lobby Platinium Business Park in Sluzewiec – a district of Warsaw – will act as an art gallery. It is a beginning of a Gallery Stop initiative prepared by the office complex developer – Globe Trade Centre S.A.

 On 25 November this year, an exhibition of works by Frederick Bidigare – an architect and a lecturer at the architecture departments of the Detroit University and the Technical University of Warsaw and a painter – was held in Platinium Business Park. His works have already been displayed in Mercedes headquarters in Berlin as well as in private collections in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Frederick Bidigare works of art presented in Platinium Business Park include more than 20 paintings. We can see abstractionist paintings there as well as ones referred to by the artist as the “developed portraits”.

I do not strive to attain any specific stile – I constantly discover new means of expressing art. Painting is an activity that requires high level of concentration and hard works, but the satisfaction I derive from it is enormous. Looking at what I have achieved over the last ten years, I see not only architectural structures in these paintings, but I also have a feeling of “organized chaos” – those are key elements of my works” – says Frederick Bidigare.

The exhibition opens the Gallery Stop cycle presented in GTC office buildings. The project concept is based on creating an inspiring and creative working space, far from the stereotypical “work&go” idea.

The key idea of Platinium Business Park assumes creating an office complex friendly to the tenants in all its aspects. Thanks to top class architecture, modern technical solutions and high quality of execution, GTC developments often change the outlook of places where they are built. „Gallery Stop” is a further element to add to the concept of an office as a place not only geared towards business relationships, but also shaping positive interactions between people, creating lifestyles and appreciating individualities.

Frederick Bidigare’s works can be admired in the lobby of Platinium Business Park in Domaniewska Street 42/44 in Warsaw. The exhibition will continue until the end of this year.

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