Globe Trade Centre S.A. is currently implementing 40 real estate investment projects in Southeastern Europe, specifically Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia. The company’s project portfolio in this region consists of 330,000 sq m of commercial real estate, 140,000 sq m of office space and 440,000 sq m of residential buildings. The highlights of GTC’s operations in this part of Europe over the past 12 months include the opening of Avenue Mall (Zagreb’s first shopping and entertainment centre is fully tenanted and visited by 800,000 customers a month), the sale of 1,400 apartments in Romania and Serbia, and the commencement of constructing shopping malls in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia.

The Developer of the Year 2007 for Southeastern Europe award is the second distinction in recognition of the Company’s achievements after the Developer of the Year 2007 for Central and Eastern Europe award. The award was made by a 15-member jury comprising the most prominent representatives of the European real estate industry, including finance experts, developers, real estate agents and consultants. Apart from GTC S.A., the Developer of the Year Award nominees for 2007 included the Anchor Group, Avrig 35, Baneasa Investments, Cefin Real Estate, Mivan, Phoenix Real Estate, ProLogis, River Invest and TriGranit.

“This award demonstrates that our company’s successful operations continue to win recognition. GTC is currently developing 130 construction projects in three market sectors. The fact that this is the second award we’ve received this year – the first being the the best developer for Central and Eastern Europe – makes the jury’s verdict all the more special to us. This underscores the importance of GTC’s contribution to the growth of the regional real estate market”, said GTC Board Member Hagai Harel.

This was the third SEE Real Estate Awards. The award ceremony was held at the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest and was attended by 350 real estate industry figures.

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