The Warsaw stock exchange-listed Globe Trade Centre S.A. (GTC) has been awarded the Bull & Bear trophy and found as the best stock exchange investment on WIG20.

The award ceremony of the 13th ”Bulls & Bears” contest was held on 6 February this year in the Listings Room of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Representatives of the world of business, politics and chief executives of the stock exchange-listed companies attended this prestigious gala. Government representatives were honorary guests of the event including Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Ms Zyta Gilowska, Economy Minister Mr. Piotr Wozniak, and Vice-Minister of the Treasury Mr. Ireneusz Dabrowski.

GTC Director General Mr. Piotr Kroenke accepted the award from the hands of Minister Gilowska and Minister Wozniak. In his statement, Mr. Kroenke thanked for this prestigious award and emphasized that the company’s success owes credit to international work of the GTC staff. Also, he promised that the firm would do all its best to repeat this year’s success again next year.

Bulls & Bears is the most prestigious award granted to companies listed on the Warsaw stock exchange. With a 13-year-long history, it has achieved the status of ”Business Oscars”. Apart from GTC, this year’s winners are Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz, as special award winner, and Energopol Poludnie, CEZ, ATM, PBG, OFE Polsat, and BZ WBK AIB TFI.

The official gala this year witnessed also the second Golden Portfolios awards for the best investment fund managers.

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