Globe Trade Centre has started the modernization of one of its key office assets in Warsaw – Aeropark Business Center. Zephirus, one of three A-class Aeropark’s buildings, can soon boast a brand-new lobby designed together with BIT CREATIVE studio. The lobby renovation is the first step in bringing the whole Aeropark complex to a futureproof level as GTC continues to upgrade its long-running properties into and sustainable and human centric spaces.

Zephirus new lobby had the idea of circular economy at its root – in line with GTC’s approach to sustainable development and care for the environment. Designing the lobby, the BIT Creative studio paid particular attention to the illumination of the interior to make it more welcoming and spacious. The architects optically enlarged the lobby, perfectly exploiting the size of the room by playing with sloping walls made of lighted lacquered elements. The reception desk furniture, inspired by the wings and the new logo of Aeropark, perfectly finalizes the interior design and adds warmth to the space. Made in a dynamic form and enhanced with sustainable illumination, it adds lightness to Zephirus entry.

“Architecture plays a key role in inspiring employees and motivating them to achieve better professional results. While working on the renovation of Zephirus lobby, we bore in mind the current and future needs of GTC and its tenants. The idea behind our project was inspired by the core values of GTC – sustainability, responsibility and solid outlook, which is reflected in the visual identity of the lobby and the materials we chose for it. Our goal was to make the design not only aesthetic and comfortable, but also flexible and functional. On top of all, the unique architecture of lobby reflects the sign of time – sustainability embedded in futureproof design. The whole interior is a combination of wood, steel, white and black – very modern, yet classic and timeless. Various elements of its design were made with responsibly sourced and reused materials, supporting the ergonomics of Zephirus in the most efficient way. As a result of our cooperation, we succeed to create a new highlight of Aeropark Business Center, which can be easily identified with GTC’s brand”– says Barnaba Grzelecki, the leading architect of Bit Creative Studio.

Aeropark is a high-end business park uniting three A-class offices – Corius, Nothus, Zephirus – within an area of 28,800 sq m, located just three minutes away from Warsaw Chopin Airport. Each building stands out with refined architecture intertwined with sustainable solutions, such as heat, water, and energy-saving systems. Fully powered by green energy, Aeropark meets the strictest ecological criteria, proven by LEED and BREEAM certifications. Apart from being conveniently connected to the main transport arteries of the city, the office park is also well communicated within its territory as a shuttle bus circulates from one office building to another. A home to one of the most reputable logistics companies, the complex neighbors a plethora of hotels and conference facilities and hosts car sharing for even greater ease of commuting between the airport and the city.

Aeropark Business Center can also boast a unique service offer to suit the most exquisite tenants’ needs. Recently extended cycling paths now are complemented with station-less Revelo bikes and upgraded shower cabins for two-wheel commuting enthusiasts. Tenants can also enjoy a fully equipped gym, canteen and food trucks set in extensive green areas crowned with a pond which is a perfect spot for escaping from the busy work routine. Since recently, the park’s tenants can also enjoy fresh greens all year round grown in the local herbarium. Thanks to the proximity to Warsaw Chopin Airport, Aeropark can offer its residents a unique plane-spotting experience, as the office windows overlook take-offs and landings throughout the day. On top of that, GTC plans to crown the building with a terrace, serving as an observation deck.

“Aeropark Business Center is timeless assets in our portfolio that continues to attract tenants over the years. The secret of its success is simple: continuous improvement of our service offer to anticipate tenants’ expectations. These days we are focused on upgrading our properties with our tenants’ safety and needs in mind, as more of them are willing to come back to offices. While green certificates serve the proof of upscaling the Aeropark into a more sustainable office space with the highest safety standards, we always try to provide our tenants with tangible ‘extras’, such as a fully renovated Zephirus lobby, Revelo bike sharing, or an herbal garden we have recently planted together. Modernization is never a one-way process – it is a dialogue between our tenants and us, which results in long lasting, trust-based relations” – says Grzegorz Strutyński, Country Manager for GTC in Poland.

Aeropark’s modernization is another step in realizing GTC’s sustainable development agenda. The developer pays extra attention to offering the premium quality of services provided in its properties, with a special focus on tenant’s comfort and sustainability. The office park ensures energy and water-saving solutions within its premises, such as modern heating and ventilation systems. Prior to the lobby change, each of Aeropark Office Center buildings underwent ecological certification and achieved LEED Gold status. The complex provides energy-efficient solutions in buildings, such as modern heating and ventilation systems. Besides, all Aeropark’s facilities are powered by green energy from 100% renewable sources since April 2021.

design: Bit Creative Barnaba Grzelecki photos: Katarzyna Seliga-Wróblewska, Marcin Wróblewski / Fotomohito

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