• On April 22-23rd, GTC celebrates Earth Day in all its Polish offices.
  • The Just Breathe campaign focuses celebrations on the importance of air quality.
  • Each of the GTC’s offices will receive an air-cleansing plant to improve air quality in the workspace. Tenants may make use of seeds available at the reception desks.
  • Additionally, e-waste collection and herbarium for tenants will be arranged in all properties.

To celebrate Earth Day, GTC encourages its employees and tenants to be active together. On April 22nd and 23rd, the company organizes a green Earth Day campaign to raise awareness of air quality and promote pro-ecological habits. As a part of the campaign, the developer will distribute air purifiers and collect e-waste from all office buildings located in Poland. The goal is to encourage people to return to offices that are greener and friendlier. The company has not forgotten about employees who work remotely by preparing a special video on plant care.

Between April 22nd and April 23rd, GTC will celebrate Earth Day under the Just Breathe motto in all its office properties in Poland. Due to the cooperation with Rośliny duet, each tenant will receive special plants, which fill the interior with more oxygen. In addition to that, the developer encourages tenants to install KANAREK App to track air quality. In this way, they can check how plants can improve air quality within closed spaces. But that’s not all – GTC also distributes seeds along with video tutorial to tenants, so that they can improve air quality in their homes during remote working. Finally, in all office premises, special containers have been installed so that workers could easily dispose of their e-waste.

“As the developer, we want to ensure the best possible working conditions, based on principles of well-being and sustainability. “Just Breathe” is not a randomly chosen name. As Dr. Joy Manne said, “Everything we do and everything we are begins with our breath”. We want to remind our communities how important it is to take care of the quality of the air we breathe, by improving our natural surroundings and changing our daily habits. If we, as a developer, can make the environment in our offices greener and encourage our tenants to do the same in their own spaces, in the long run, our common actions can bring a positive change. – commented Grzegorz Strutyński, GTC’s Country Manager in Poland.

Aeropark Business Center in Warsaw takes celebrations a step further. On Earth Day, GTC will invite Aeropark tenants to create a herbarium together and, together with the Łąka Foundation, will provide them with fresh herbs throughout the year. One of Aeropark’s tenants, Fiskars Gruop, is also particularly involved in the initiative, and provide tools for growing beds. The action takes place with all safety measures observed. Apart from that, starting from April 23rd, Aeropark residents can enjoy newly opened Revelo bike-sharing. With Revelo bikes, the developer hopes to introduce cycling to work as a new positive eco-habit.

“By sending out air-purifying plants, running e-waste collection, distributing seeds and installing bikes in our properties, we want to remind our tenants that pro-environmental solutions can be simple, yet effective. We want to show our tenants that, despite the pandemic, offices are an attractive and safe space to return to under the sanitary regime” – added Strutyński.

Globe Trade Center has been consistently developing its sustainability strategy, and Earth Day celebrations are just one example of it. In 2020, GTC has issued 792 green bonds with a total value of approx. EUR 110 mln. On top of that, all GTC projects in Poland have eco certificates (LEED, BREEAM), while 84% of developer’s properties in CEE received green certification.

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