Dear Sirs,

In collaboration with the relevant departments, our work to explain the causes of roof fire in the Galeria Północna and to estimate the losses caused by this incident has been completed. The fire appeared during the roof insulation work when a small portion of the plume lit up. The fire was extinguished quickly and smoothly, posing no threat to the lives and health of people on site and in the surrounding of the Galeria Północna.

The losses resulting from the incident are marginal and will not affect the opening of the Galeria Północna in any way. The opening is planned for the third quarter of 2017. Cleaning works at the roof are currently ongoing.

At the same time, on behalf of the general contractor of the investment, Unibep SA, we would like to inform you that at the time of the accident about 100 people were present at the scene – mostly Unibep SA supervisors, security and employees of subcontractors working on the roof and in other parts of shopping mall. This is only a small part of the employees working on the investment area. On weekdays, over 1000 people work on the construction of the Galeria Północna. Employees were quickly and efficiently evacuated from the scene of the incident, their life or health was not compromised. The presence of employees on the site of the investment was directly attributable to the subcontractor’s decision and was dictated by the favorable weather conditions necessary to carry out the work within the roof.


If case of any further questions, please contact Emilia Szkudlarek, mobile: 506 008 168, e-mail:


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Director of the Galeria Północna

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