We build on a combination of both development and asset management skills in selected eastern European regions that allow us to seize opportunities in the improving eastern European macroeconomic and property market conditions.

We have identified three areas of strategic focus:

  1. 1)Portfolio and platform growth
    Strategic goal to significantly increase the income-generating portfolio through acquisition of yielding properties in Poland and major eastern European capital cities and completion of prime development projects on already-owned land plots

    • Value-add acquisitions that provide tangible potential through re-letting, improvement in occupancy and rental upside as well as the realisation of redevelopment potential
    • Intention to convert ongoing development projects and land reserves into income-generating properties
    • Sale of non-core assets to unlock equity for new investments and acquisitions and increase the return on invested equity
  2. 2) Operating and financial performance
    Improving the efficiency of asset management activities and maximising operating performance

    • Active management of our income-generating property portfolio to achieve and maintain cost efficiency, to improve rental income and occupancy, and to diversify tenant risk by retaining a high quality tenant base
    • Further optimising administrative and platform costs through organisational streamlining
    • Optimisation of costs of finance through deleveraging, planning and resource allocation, and through continuous refinancing at improved terms to increase the recurring return on equity
  3. 3) Project delivery
    Developing high-quality commercial projects

    • Focus on the delivery of major projects in the next two to three years
    • Continue to build track record of delivery of projects (a) on time, (b) on budget and (c) at a quality that meets tenants’ demand
    • Continue to adhere to all relevant environmental aspects and standards in the construction of developments (e.g. building LEED certified buildings)

ESG policy

How our decision-making processes integrate climate change, including the resulting risks

Environmental issues, including climate issues, are an important area of the Group management. They are included in our ESG Policy.

We systematically analyze climate risks and their impact to our business. It is the part of  ESG risk mapping and management system, which is the responsibility of the Development and Sustainability Director.

The Management Board, supported by the Development and Sustainability Director, decides on goals and activities related to climate issues.

ESG risks, including climate risks, challenges and trends in this area, company goals and progress in the implementation of major ESG initiatives – are discussed at least once a year at the meetings of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board.

The process of raising social and environmental awareness and ESG knowledge of the executives and employees of our organisation, developing and monitoring the implementation of the Policy is coordinated by Development and Sustainability Director, with the support and assistance of local technical teams.

For more information, including ESG goals, please visit our ESG website:

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