We fully endorse the idea of green building, follow current trends, and make the best ideas our standards

A quarter of a century of experience in the Polish real estate market has taught us that it is impossible to build a residential building, an office building or a shopping mall without respect for the environment. Ecology is more important now than ever – climate is changing, the economy is exploring ways to use energy more efficiently, renewable energy sources are developing rapidly.

Consumers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint on their own – hybrid and electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, energy-efficient lighting has become the standard, and the performance and efficiency of batteries is hitting historical highs. We can see these trends reflected in the expectations of our partners – tenants, shareholders and financial institutions. Therefore, one of GTC’s strategic goals is to constantly strive to increase the level of business sustainability and at the same time reduce the Group’s  impact on the environment.

We fully endorse the idea of green building, follow current trends, and make the best ideas our standards. Green initiative means questions about the quality and ecology, which must be asked prior to the investment. We examine the site and adjust the design to the environment. The designs are created in renowned architectural studios, both in Poland and around the world. Every investment is consulted with international green building experts. The solutions we envisage fully consider national and international standards in the field of energy efficiency, productivity and use of ecological solutions.

Our investments feature a whole array of energy-saving, environmentally friendly solutions that boost efficiency, such as:

  • reduction in the consumption of natural resources, mainly water and energy,
  • reduction in the amount of waste produced,
  • recycling.

Our office buildings employ construction and technical solutions that increase comfort of work without compromising the environment, through:

  • maximum use of daylight,
  • ensuring the greatest possible amount of fresh air,
  • use of modern, individually controlled heating and air conditioning systems,
  • use of effective and energy-efficient thermal insulation solutions,
  • wise management of energy used for manufacturing and transportation,
  • adhering to the highest construction standards within environment protection,
  • special protection of green areas.

Since 2010, GTC’s office projects have been built in compliance with standards defined by the US Green Building Council®, enabling them to meet the requirements for prestigious LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certificate.

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