Globe Trade Centre has launched a new app – “Welcome GTC” – to ease access to building amenities and engage tenants with more comfortable and safer workplace experience. The app is available for tenants of GTC’s landmark properties in Poland – Aeropark in Warsaw, Globis Poznań and University Business Park in Łódż. The end goal of GTC is to introduce “Welcome GTC” to all properties across Poland and CEE in the future.

Built by Space OS developers, “Welcome GTC” app transforms the commodity office into a dynamic asset, helping to meet shifting tenant needs with confidence and flexibility. For example, the users of selected GTC offices can now book meeting rooms through the app, stay updated with news about the gastronomy or shopping offer within the office vicinity, order takeaway meals from restaurants nearby or report a technical issue whenever necessary. Overall, the new tenant-centric solution should help engage tenants as one community, connected through the app. Currently, Welcome GTC is available for tenants in Aeropark in Warsaw, Globis Poznań and University Business Park in Łódż, but the company plans to carry out app launches in the whole portfolio, including CEE countries.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we are even more engaged in strengthening relationships with our tenants through open dialogue, prioritizing their safety, well-being and comfort, while trying also to meet their changing needs. “Welcome GTC” app is a decisive step forward towards putting this strategy in life, encouraging tenants to use all the benefits of wide offer in our buildings. However, this innovative technological solution is just one element of our long-term community-building strategy. We want our tenants and their employees, business partners, guests to feel at home whenever they visit our offices, therefore, we chose “Welcome GTC” as an app name” – commented Karolina Kucharczyk, Regional Property Management Director GTC in Poland.

Recently GTC has been putting a lot of effort into ensuring the best-in-class tenant experience in its properties. “Welcome GTC” app is yet another demonstration of the company’s commitment to improving its standing office portfolio while focusing on the comfort and needs of its immediate communities. Globe Trade Centre plans to systematically develop the “Welcome GTC” app, increasing its functionalities and further integrating it with the service offered in the offices.

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